About Me

My best Han Solo smirk.

My name is Peter and I am the Kitchen Noob.

The Kitchen Noob is the best term I could describe for myself as far as my kitchen exploits. I'm not a trained or professional chef, but I have a few years of experience as a cook at a grocery store for what it's worth. Most recipes I make are hit or miss, and some things I do very well. I always figure that if I ever stop learning, even if I make something perfectly, then I'm missing the point.

To me, cooking is an art that creates something timeless and relational. At every social event there is food, whether it is a light refreshment or a full course dinner. Food connects us at these gatherings. Even if the food is unremarkable the connection is subconscious. Food is the element that gets us sitting together, talking to each other, laughing with each other. At the center of our most intimate memories there is food: a hotdog at the baseball game, a wedding cake, Grandma's Christmas dinner.

I think it is the secret desire of every chef to make the next dish the most memorable.

My favorite chef is Gordan Ramsay mainly because I really enjoy Kitchen Nightmares. I love how he breaks people down in order to build them back up through compassion and love. Most of the time he helps to mend dysfunctional relationships within the restaurant that are the core of the problems. I admire his work ethic, and I wish I had a fraction of his tenacity and passion. The thing that I've taken away from him the most is pretty much the lesson of every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, "Find your balls, and use them." If I ever had the opportunity for him to cook something for me, I'd simply ask for a burger.