Eggplant Parmesan

I surprised myself with this one; oh man it was soo good!

I'm leaning toward going back to vegetarianism; not so much becoming full on vegetarian, but at least having maybe 1-2 meals per week be veggie starting out, and maybe bring that number up to 3-4 or maybe even 5. Anyway, if you can believe, the night I made this I had a craving for something meatless.

Potted Garden Week 1

I'm about a month late making this post. I've been meaning to chronicle my garden from week to week just to share and to also monitor growth and record experiences. So, here goes:

A Tale of Two Meatloafs

So I decided to give Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen: 100 Of My Favourite Easy Recipes another shot and make another of his recipes. Even though I wasn't a big fan of his Coconut Crusted Chicken it did taste better leftover. The flavors blended and relaxed a bit, and the coconut no longer had that burnt taste, which made it more enjoyable. Anyway, so this meatloaf recipe looked good, and I'm a big fan of meatloaf, so I thought I'd give it a shot.