Vegetarian Lasagna, First Attempt

I say first attempt because this is just a simple something I threw together for dinner last night. The only thing that doesn't make this a vegan lasagna is the cheese, and of that I think I used a little too much.

Tunisian Sweet Potato Stew

Much to the chagrin of Jen and Lily, I occasionally enjoy a Moroccan/North African dish. It's something about the earthiness of the individual ingredients combining to create new and surprising flavors. Even the color of the food comes in beautiful earth tones. And besides, who doesn't love couscous?

Penne al Forno

My family and I are switching to a vegetarian, whole foods diet for health and weight-loss purposes. I'm pretty excited about it, and it's amazing to me how much food I eat during a sitting because it's low density calories and high fiber. All of it is very low fat, very low cholesterol and packed with nutrients. It's so nice because when I eat I feel satiated without feeling weighed down and bloated.