Vegetarian Lasagna, First Attempt

I say first attempt because this is just a simple something I threw together for dinner last night. The only thing that doesn't make this a vegan lasagna is the cheese, and of that I think I used a little too much.

Tunisian Sweet Potato Stew

Much to the chagrin of Jen and Lily, I occasionally enjoy a Moroccan/North African dish. It's something about the earthiness of the individual ingredients combining to create new and surprising flavors. Even the color of the food comes in beautiful earth tones. And besides, who doesn't love couscous?

Penne al Forno

My family and I are switching to a vegetarian, whole foods diet for health and weight-loss purposes. I'm pretty excited about it, and it's amazing to me how much food I eat during a sitting because it's low density calories and high fiber. All of it is very low fat, very low cholesterol and packed with nutrients. It's so nice because when I eat I feel satiated without feeling weighed down and bloated.

Jamie Oliver's Meatballs and Pasta

I've been on a Jamie Oliver kick lately. Honestly, I've never paid much attention to him, thinking he was just another TV chef, until one morning I watched one of his 30 minute meals shows. "He's like a British Rachel Ray," I said in a way that meant I was probing my wife for her thoughts on the matter. What I liked about him most though is his more earthy, rustic dishes rather than comfort foods. I also really enjoyed his sort of slapdash cooking and plating style. That's totally me

Melt Organic Spread

A few months ago I was picked to check out some Melt buttery, organic spread, and here I am today doing it again. I love this stuff! I've tried using it with daily cooking and baking as well as just a topping or spread for vegetables or toast or whatever.

Steak Salad

This was an easy and filling dinner for company Saturday night. As a side, I made some breadsticks brushed with a homemade herb butter using half of my pizza dough recipe. And honestly, I spent more time and effort on the dessert that I'll put as my next post.

Eggplant Parmesan

Time management has become more difficult since my "part time job" has been scheduling me for full time hours (without the full time benefits, of course). And so my ability to cook decent meals for my family, and subsequently blog about them, has become extremely limited when it comes to managing my time.

Lemon Sugar Cookies

I get the urge to bake about as much as I get the urge to cook. I found this little recipe in a Food Network Kitchens cookbook and thought it would be fast and easy. Well, it is, sort of, but it does require a little time and some extra steps I wasn't expecting and I am still not quite sure I understand.

Miso Chicken Sandwich with Ginger Mayo

It's been some time since I've had the time and energy along with the urge to do some creative, experimental cooking. I wonder if foodies that don't cook know what kind of planning it takes to find or write a recipe and then execute it, let alone take pictures and then write about it. It requires some effort!

Beef Stew for Dogs

People approach me all the time and ask, "Hey Noob! You got any good recipes for dog food?!"

Actually, no they don't. Nobody, except Daisy, has ever asked me that.

Chipotle Mayo

As you may remember, I took some time off from blogging for a few different personal reasons. In the past couple of months I have met two of my biggest, almost unachievable goals. I have made some strict changes in my diet that have allowed me to manage my IBS symptoms enough to go back to work, and as of February 16th I became employed at a nearby grocery store in the deli department.