Tervis Tumbler

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I received a Tervis Tumbler in the mail.

Let me just say that I love my cup, and I love being part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program!

I've been trying to drink more water again instead of just sipping coffee all day, and this cup has actually enabled me to do so. It's kind of weird, but it's the perfect size for my hand, balanced in weight so it's not the least bit clumsy, and it works well for me because I don't drink out of bottles (bottles are for babies).

I've tested both hot and cold drinks in this cup. I like to sip green tea at night, but usually by the time I get to the bottom of the mug it's cold, not so with this cup! Now I can have a bigger cup of tea and it stays hot.

Same with cold drinks; they stay cold. I drink filtered water from the fridge and no matter if it takes me ten minutes or an hour to drink, the water keeps that crisp coldness. Refreshing!

A little more about the tumbler: they're almost indestructible. I haven't tested this yet, but I think I have dropped it on the floor. I certainly wouldn't run it over with my car...It won't melt - although I bet it would if you put it on a hot stove burner. It's probably referring to putting hot liquids in it...Also, it won't shatter, crack or chip. I'll leave the hatchet and hammer in the garage and just go along with that. On the bottom it says the tumbler is dishwasher safe, although I'm sure that's a fast way for any of the printing to wear off. I don't believe this belongs in the microwave, therefore I will never try.

There is one negative - not a big deal - it says it's a 16oz cup, but it really only holds about 13 maybe 14 oz to the brim, 12 oz if you live in Realityville. I think the 16 oz could apply if it wasn't an insulated cup. Meaning, the outer layer can hold 16 oz if there was no inner layer. Again, not a big deal to me, but it was something I discovered as I was measuring how many of these I'd have to drink to get enough daily water (my target is 64 oz a day starting).

Swing by the Tervis Website and browse their products. Their tumblers come in different shapes and sizes, and while they may seem a little expensive for "just a cup" I think they're actually quite reasonable compared to similar products you might find in a department store. Not to mention Tervis are likely much better quality, they have many designs to choose from, or you can personalize your own Tumbler. Think Christmas gifts!

Thank you Foodbuzz, and thank you Tervis.:)


  1. Bottles are for babies? O.o

    I defy you to have an open glass of water in this house that has not had a cat face in it the second you look away. They lick their own butts!! You may like to drink cat butt water but I sure don't! :P

    I ♥ my water bottle which is always clean and cat butt free!

  2. I like Tervis Tumblers for cold drinks, but not so much for warm drinks. Perhaps its the cup I have, but I don't feel like it keeps my coffee hotter for any longer than my other travel coffee mugs.

  3. Great review. I'll have to check out Tervis site.

  4. Never had a Tervis tumbler, but I think that's the only mug/ water bottle brand that we DON'T have!

    It seems that once one finds their cup of choice it can aid one in the consumption of more water. Did that make sense?

    Thank goodness we don't have cats. No butt tea for me! Or butt brewed coffee either.

  5. I am a HUGE fan of Tervis Tumblers. They are THE glass for Florida! The cool thing about them is they don't sweat. When you put a ton of ice in them - no condensation! Perfect for hot BBQs...I've got them in all sizes!

  6. Thank you all for your comments. :)

    I like the no condensation part too. I have a lot of papers, sometimes product, and all kinds of electronics I'd prefer to stay dry.

    @ Dionne - That did make sense! I am drinking more water and I have to attribute it to the cup. Lol!

  7. Plus they are made in the USA.

  8. Im sure you know this by now but I will say it anyway for those just stumbling across this post. The letters won't wear off in the dishwasher as they are printed between the walls of the cup. (they are on the inside). Also as far as putting in the dishwasher it is recommended that you only put them in the top rack. We have ton's of these and use them all day everyday for every type of drink. Our kids use them and we take them everywhere, they are perfect.