Peanut Butter Honey Bars

Just a quick post for today because I'm going to have my hands full trying a new technique for making bagels and I'm going to make a huge lasagna tonight! These peanut butter honey bars are from fellow blogger Miss in the Kitchen, who has had some excellent recipes and posts.

I had to make this. Actually, I have to make this again because it has all of the elements of a perfect dessert. It has sweet and salty, crunchy, gooey, and the texture of the bar is profoundly in between something of a cake and a cookie, but not a brownie. I also appreciated a new use for honey, which has been a staple in my cabinet over the past year in an attempt to reduce my use of refined sugar in my coffee and tea.

If you'd like to try this recipe, and I strongly suggest that you should, hop on over to Miss in the Kitchen's blog for the recipe and directions.


  1. Need help eating?

  2. i want some too. look amazing

    thanks for the foodbuzz friend request