Sweet and Sour Chicken

This recipe is an excellent find in my exploration of oriental food. I did make a few adjustments from the source of the recipe, especially since the recipe is for sweet and sour pork, but I'm just not a big pork fan.

Rich White Bread Revisited

It's been about a year since I made my post about Rich White Bread. Since then, I've made this particular recipe of bread a couple of dozen times and have gotten progressively better. Working with the recipe and learning the behavior of the dough, my oven and bake times, and working with other recipes throughout the year has made me an altogether better pizza crust and bread maker.

Cashew Chicken

I've always enjoyed Chinese food, and lately I've been interested in experimenting with Chinese dishes. I'm also very interested in Thai food; the very little exposure I've had to it has left me inspired. I also understand that China is a big place with many subcultures and cooking styles, and I want to learn the techniques and the flavors of the major styles. I want to be as confident with Asian ingredients and flavors as I am with basil and oregano and chili powder and cumin.

Turkey Meatball Sub on Homemade Baguette

I began this process just after lunch. The bread takes about 4 hours to make, but most of that is rising and baking time. It was well worth the reward. My baguette still needs work - this was my first ever attempt, but lately I've been pretty good with bread and pizza dough. The turkey meatballs were phenomenal. I adapted the recipe from the January 2011 Food Network Magazine cover recipe and cooked them in my own adaptation of marinara from Giada's Family Dinners .

Salisbury Steak: No Longer Cafeteria Food

I saw this recipe in the December 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine, which I got from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas and is AWESOME! I decided I had to give this a shot. I tend to like beefy gravy things with a side of starch and optional green, so why not have a go at a dish traditionally served in hockey puck form drenched in fake gravy in airplanes and cafeterias across our great nation.