The Best Ever Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies

Butter, sugar, brown sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla...
A typical chocolate chip cookie at its core, but aside from the hazelnuts what makes these cookies special are the added oatmeal and toffee bits. Oatmeal you say? Why yes, and no, it's not oatmeal raisin cookie dough - raisins + chocolate chips. A small amount of oatmeal is pulverized in a food processor, or in my case a coffee grinder that I usually use to grind spices, and incorporated into the dry ingredients.

We've all had chocolate chip cookies before, tollhouse, mom's or grandma's homemade, but I've never had a chocolate chip cookie so deliciously crispy on the outside and so chewy and flavorful in the center. My educated guess is the fibrous oatmeal adds a structural element that changes the way the dough handles the heat from the oven. Furthermore, the toffee bits have virtually disintegrated from the finished cookie, which means the heat has melted them completely into the essence of the cookie. You can taste the toffee in the cookie as sort of an ambient flavor that tempers the sweetness of the sugars and chocolate chips.

This recipe for Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies is from Giada's Family Dinners.

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lightly roasted hazelnuts - oh the smell from the oven!

hazelnuts cooled, remove peels by rubbing between your hands
butter and sugars to be creamed. Eggs, vanilla come next followed by the powdery mix of dry ingredients.

chopped hazelnuts, toffee bits, and chocolate chips get mixed into the cookie dough.

bake at 325 for about 15

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  1. These actually *are* the best chocolate chip cookies. I'm wondering what made them so crispy. They stayed crispy even after a night in a plastic bag. My money's on the oatmeal.

    Time to talk the noOb into making these with toasted almonds instead!