Roast Beef and Salami Sandwich

I've categorized this under dinners because it was served with Minestrone Soup and made for a fantastic supper. These sandwiches were made with homemade bread from my Rich White Bread recipe.
I bought the meats from the Earthfare deli counter. This is a great example of how eating healthy can be affordable. While the deli meats might be a dollar or two more expensive, I find that the prices compare to brand name deli meats at a traditional supermarket, such as Boar's Head and Deitz & Watson, but I like the texture and flavor better. The cows and pigs and turkeys are range fed only organic grains, no antibiotic or any kind of superficial injections in the meat.
Let's make a sammich!

Homemade bread. Six slices. I'm making 3 sandwiches. The one for Kiddo is going to be a little different, like, she's not fond of horseradish mustard. Her sandwich is on the left. She likes the end of the bread. What kid likes the end of the bread, or even the crust?

Mayo on the top. Before I was trying to lose weight it was mayo on the top and the bottom, and about twice as much on each side as what you see here.

Top round roast beef. I usually like this sliced a little thinner - paper thin actually. The thinner the slices of meat the better the flavor. I'm still trying to train my deli clerk.

A light layer of horseradish dijon mustard. It came out of the tube like toothpaste, so what I did was spread it around the contours of the roast beef with my mayo knife a little bit.

Topped with Genoa salami. We found out later that this particular salami had a rind on it. Oh well, mostly harmless. Salami is perfect right on top of the mustard. The two have synergy! In fact, try making a grilled cheese sometime using a nice Jewish rye or pumpernickel, salami, stone ground or horseradish mustard, a few thin onions and some nice muenster cheese. I digress.

Here are those thinly sliced onions I was just talking about.

No sandwich is complete without cheese.

What more could you ask for? Minestrone Soup?


  1. That does look like a great dinner. The beef and the salami can be very filling, and you can mix things up a little through the other ingredients and the condiments. By going with different combinations, you add excitement and variety to your dining experience!

  2. This is so good dinner! I home made it with salami and beef last night and it was an awesome meal!

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