Regina Cookies

Regina Cookies are well complimented with a cup of coffee. The anise combines nicely with the nutty flavor of the sesame seeds making for a pleasant treat for breakfast or dessert.
A special note when gathering your ingredients: I bought pre-roasted sesame seeds because that's all I could find at the grocery store in the quantity needed for this recipe. I recommend not using roasted sesame seeds if possible because the result was an overpowering, almost too salty tasting sesame flavor. Wife really loves them, but to me the sesame and anise could be balanced a little better.

A printer-friendly version of this recipe can be found by clicking here.

And now for the fun..

Butter and sugar about to be creamed.

Butter and sugar creaming..

Nice white and fluffy creamed butter with sugar. Below anise extract is added as well as the egg.

Here is the flour, salt and baking powder in the sifter.

Flour, salt and baking powder sifted.

Slowly adding the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients while the mixer is on. Not too much all at once or you'll be wearing the dry ingredients.

Most of the flour is in and mixing up well.

The final cookie batter.

A pinch of dough rolled into a log.It had been dipped in milk and now it's going for a roll in sesame seeds.
I know it looks weird!

Rolled in sesame seeds and placed on the cookie sheet.

Pan ready for the oven.

Fresh out of the oven, these have been baked for 20 minutes.

A close-up of the finished product.

Elegant savories for the holidays or any time.

1 comment:

  1. These cookies should stand up to a relatively vigorous coffee dunking and this batch came out far too airy.

    I think it's possible we creamed the sugar and butter too long.

    If anyone out there has a Regina cookie recipe feel free to post. They are my favorite!