Jamie Oliver's Pasta Peperonata

This week I went with another Jamie Oliver recipe. The last time I blogged a Jamie Oliver recipe it was a wildly successful post and dinner. I had to try his meatball-making technique, one that I still use to this day. Today however is a simple pasta dish. I have to admit, when I got home from work Friday I was not really in the mood to cook.

Capellini in a Spicy Zucchini Tomato Sauce

Oh man it's great to be back on the blog! So much to say, and yet I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to say it all in a single post. A lot has changed since my last post including my getting a new job and our buying a new house last October.

Eggplant Parmesan

I surprised myself with this one; oh man it was soo good!

I'm leaning toward going back to vegetarianism; not so much becoming full on vegetarian, but at least having maybe 1-2 meals per week be veggie starting out, and maybe bring that number up to 3-4 or maybe even 5. Anyway, if you can believe, the night I made this I had a craving for something meatless.